Calor 5kg Patio Gas

5kg BBQ Patio Gas Cylinder (Propane) Refill Exchange. Exact empties required. Allow 10 working days. PLEASE READ RESTRICTIONS B4 ORDERING

Regular price £20.72

This option is for customers who have like for like empties to exchange.  Allow up to 10 working days presently for delivery.

Please make sure you only order the same quantity that you are exchanging.

The 5kg Patio is a great option for powering small & medium BBQ's (3 burners or less) or your table top heater. The bottle has been designed to be light, portable and easily stored.  

You can exchange this bottle for 5kg Patio Gas. Calor Patio Gas 27mm Low Pressure Propane Clip on Gas Regulator.

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Each cylinder is fitted with our innovative Gas Trac® indicator that lets you know when you need to come back to us for a replacement.

Customers are responsible for the safe keeping of the cylinders and they remain the property of Calor at all times.


  • Capacity: 5kg

  • Tare Weight: 7-7.5kg

  • Height: 390mm approx

  • Diameter: 300mm approx

  • Recommended Offtake: 10kW

Price include VAT at 5% for the Cylinder.  

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