3.9kg Propane Gas Cylinder Refill Exchange

3.9kg Propane Gas Cylinder Refill Exchange

Regular price £23.07

This option is for customers who have like for like empties to exchange. 

Please make sure you only order the same quantity that you are exchanging.

Ideal for a wide range of industrial uses and DIY tools including small industrial burners and blowtorches.

You can exchange this bottle for : 3.9kg Propane, 4.5kg Butane, 6kg Propane, 7kg Butane.

 Customers are responsible for the safe keeping of the cylinders and they remain the property of Calor at all times.


  • Capacity: 3.9kg

  • Tare Weight: 4.1-8.6kg

  • Height: 340mm approx

  • Diameter: 240mm approx

  • Recommended Offtake: 7.5kW

Price include VAT at 5% for the Cylinder. 

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